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Primocco UAV chief Ladislav Semetkovský: the new EU rules are open ...

Primocco UAV chief Ladislav Semetkovský: the new EU rules are open …

Dialogue guest Romana Navarova on Radio Z’s Business program is Ladislav Semetkovský, president of the Primocco UAV, which manufactures unmanned aerial vehicles.

Semetkovský says: “The new rules for operating unmanned aerial vehicles in the European Union, which have been in effect since December 31, 2020, open up the skies and possibilities of using such a sophisticated professional UAV for real use, not just for entertainment.” Primocco UAV manufactures medium-sized UAVs with a maximum takeoff weight of 150 kg. The wingspan of this wing is 5 meters, the aircraft can fly for more than 15 hours without interruption and is fully automated.

The company’s aircraft are used in the military and civilian fields. They fly in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. “Last year, we were able to manage many records during the pandemic. One of them was that we were flying a drone from Prague, Malaysia. For the Czech Republic police, we operated a number of border protection flights, which were closed at the time,” adds Simitkovsky. . The company has also undertaken a similar mission in Slovakia to protect the Schengen borders.

Listen to the interview of the moderator Romana Navarova with the president of Primocco UAV Ladislav Semetkovský.

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