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Prince Charles greets refugees and their patrons

Prince Charles greets refugees and their patrons

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London (AFP) – Prince Charles, the heir to Britain’s throne, greeted refugees who opened their doors to Easter Sunday news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Charles, 73, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, who will turn 96 next Thursday, said: “Today, millions of people are homeless, exhausted from the nomadic places, affected by the past, anxious about the future and in need of compassion.”

“In recent years, I have been saddened to see innocent victims suffering as a result of conflict or persecution. I have met some of them who told me sad and indescribable stories when they were forced to flee their country and seek refuge far away. From their homes,” he added.

“But in the midst of this tragedy and inhumanity, it was heartbreaking to see how many people are willing to open their homes to those in need and how they have given their time and resources to those who face such suffering and pain,” Prince said. Said Charles.

After criticism of the complexity of the steps Ukrainian refugees had to follow to reunite with relatives in the UK, Boris Johnson’s government launched a shelter program in which 200,000 Britons offered to house Ukrainians fleeing Russian invasion.

As of April 13, the British government had issued 56,500 visas to 94,700 applicants, according to the latest official figures.

According to the United Nations, more than five million people have fled Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24.

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