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الأمير هاري يطالب بتأمين الشرطة له أثناء زياراته للملكة المتحدة

Prince Harry demands police protection for him during Queen’s visit

01:02 PM

Saturday 19 February 2022


Prince Harry’s lawyers have said the UK will always be his home, amid controversy over whether he will get police insurance when he travels to the United States.

The first session hearing the Prince’s case against the British Home Office found in the Supreme Court that he did not feel safe during his visit, amidst the measures currently being taken.

He expressed a desire to pay for the provision of police forces to protect him and his family while he was in the United Kingdom.

Prosecutors responded that the prince’s offer was “inappropriate” for how officials would decide on the safety of the royal family.

“There is no need to stress that he really wants to go back to see his family and friends and support the charity he loves,” Fatima said.

But he stressed that the prince did not feel safe in light of the security measures taken during a visit to the UK last summer.

Prince Harry returned to the United Kingdom on a lightning trip, during which he attended his mother’s memorial opening ceremony and a charity event organized for children and young people suffering from serious illnesses to host the Wellsill charity.

Reports say reporters and photographers chased Prince Harry’s car after he left the charity event, and the Prince’s team of lawyers reportedly filed the lawsuit after the visit and after correspondence with the Interior Ministry.

The Executive Committee on the Protection of the Royal Family and the Public (Ravik) is responsible for making decisions regarding the personal safety of Prince Harry in the United Kingdom.

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One of the responsibilities of this secret committee, which informs the Home Minister directly, is to determine who will have the police protection and the number of troops required for security.

According to court documents, after Prince Harry and Megan retired from public life as members of the royal family and moved to the United States in 2020, Ravik classified him as an “exceptional type”, depending on his future security for the UK Police. The specific circumstances of each visit.In Prince Harry’s petition, Ravik claims that this decision was taken illegally and unjustly because it included his opportunity to pay the police the required time when he was one of the direct heirs to the British throne. He also argues that his security team did not enjoy all the powers necessary to operate in the UK, including access to police intelligence regarding threats against him and his family. Prince Harry’s claim is completely unsubstantiated – it should be dismissed as it is not up to the court to make complex decisions regarding personal protection. Robert Palmer, the Home Office’s attorney general, said legal counsel Robert Palmer “failed to comply with the lawyer’s request.

Palmer added that the offer to pay for police protection was inappropriate because the personal detention protection provided by the police was “not available in private and monetary value.” If the case is fully investigated.