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Prince Harry is mired in his legal crisis

Prince Harry is mired in his legal crisis

The British newspaper The Guardian confirmed that Prince Harry had filed a defamation suit a few days after the “Mail on Sunday” newspaper published an article on the crisis over his security arrangements.

Court documents revealed that Harry had filed a lawsuit against The Associated Newspaper Limited on Wednesday afternoon, and the allegations were reported in The Mail on Sunday under the headline “How Harry tried to keep his legal fight against his bodyguards secret.” Two people. “

He added that Harry, who is embroiled in lawsuits, has filed another privacy lawsuit against the Intent Dose Group newspaper, which owns The Sun and Mirror newspapers. .

Prince Harry, 37, is suing the Home Office over his security arrangements while in the UK.

He noted that when he and his wife, Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle, relinquished their royal duties in 2020, the prince lost police protection with taxpayers funding. The couple is personally financing their security in the United States where they now live.

The newspaper confirmed that the prince was appealing the Home Ministry’s decision not to allow him and his family to pay police security expenses while he was in the United Kingdom.

Harry wants to bring his son Archie and his daughter Lilliput out of the United States, but his lawyers say he and his family “could not return to his homeland” because it was too dangerous. In the wake of an incident in London in the summer of 2021, when the prince was leaving for a charity event, his safety was endangered as his car was chased by paparazzi.

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Prosecutors have told the High Court that Prince Harry “did not feel safe in the UK” and could not go with his family.