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Prince Harry seeks to pay for British police security as he returns home

Prince Harry seeks to pay for British police security as he returns home

Prince Harry’s request Government of England Allowing him and his family to be protected by the police during any trip back home in the future, even at his own financial expense.

Prince Harry This is very dangerous for him, his wife Megan Markle and his two children. According to eonline, visit without this protection.

Prince Harry’s legal representative has confirmed that he wants his wife, Megan Markle, and children, Archie (two years old) and Lilliput (seven months), to be safe in the UK, but this is very dangerous without adequate police protection.

When the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, died at the hospital last March, Harry and his wife, Meghan, appeared on television and attacked the monarchy, describing them as brutal racists, without giving any evidence to the royal family. The sun.

As the Queen withdraws a very difficult but necessary decision to publicly humiliate her middle son Prince Andrew in the Queen’s sexual abuse scandal, Harry raises his angry and privileged head and puts even more pressure on the royal family.

Harry’s last crisis, when he and his family were in the kingdom, sought protection from the British police.

Prince Harry has threatened to take legal action if the Home Office does not get up and restore the state security he enjoyed before dramatically leaving for the United States. At the worst it causes another big headache for the queen.

“England will always be Prince Harry’s home and the country he wants his wife and children to be safe in,” Harry’s lawyer said in a statement. “Due to the lack of police protection, there is a very high personal risk.”

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He added: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are personally sponsoring a private security team for their family, although security may not reflect the police protection required while in the UK.”

Harry and Megan have proven that they are only interested in one thing, which is to make money as quickly as possible using their royal status, without such protection, Prince Harry and his family would not be able to. To return to his home in the Kingdom, but since they had left Britain.

Jason Knopf, the couple’s chief aide at the time, said in a statement that the book had “been discussed with the Duchess several times, both in person and by email, on a regular and direct basis.”

He says that Megan gave him brief notes to share with the book’s authors and revealed Harry’s email, “I totally agree that we can say he had nothing to do with her. As well as providing them with the appropriate context and background. Help spread the word.”

Princess Pinocchio later apologized in court, but insisted she did not remember any of his successful literary collaborations.

This recent legal dispute highlights Sussex ‘desire to reap greater benefits from the royal family.

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