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Po celé Británii se objevují pietní místa na památku prince Philipa.

Prince Philip’s final farewell: the royal family will grant their wish for the funeral

The royal family posted on the Internet the exact plan for Saturday’s funeral. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, instead of about eight hundred guests, there will be only thirty people in the church, most of them members of the royal family. Representatives of the royal family said on the website: “Due to current procedures, some parts of the funeral plan have been modified, but the event will remain as compatible as possible with the wishes of His Royal Highness.”

According to the plan, the descendants of Prince Philip, that is, Prince Charles, Princess Anna, then Prince Edward and Prince Andrew, will follow the coffin leading to the sarcophagus leading to St.George’s Chapel. This will be followed by the descendants of Prince Philip, Prince William and Peter Phillips, the son of Princess Anne and Prince Harry. British media have warned that the siblings Prince Harry and Prince William will not go together.

According to commentators, such a proliferation testifies to the tense relations between the two brothers. “This will be the first public event in which Prince Harry appears with members of the royal family, more than a year after he and his wife, Duchess Megan, decided to give up their role in the royal family,” ABC News said.

They will be followed by Princess Anna’s current husband, Timothy Lawrence, and David Armstrong-Jones, son of Queen Sister Margaret. Everyone will participate in the ceremony in the Church of Saint George. Prince Charles is joined by his wife Camilla.

Given that only thirty people are allowed to attend the funeral, it would be the British royal family in the first place. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for example, also attended the funeral. In addition to the prince’s already mentioned grandchildren, the ceremony will be attended by his grandchildren and their accomplices, two great-great-grandchildren or even relatives of his family.

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Prince Harry is not accompanied by his wife

And according to the British BBC, while Prince William will also attend with his wife, Duchess Catherine, Prince Harry will attend the funeral without being accompanied by a wife who was not recommended by doctors to travel from the United States due to her high pregnancy. The couple’s offspring will not attend the funeral. Only two grandchildren of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II will arrive for the ceremony.

Specifically, it will be the seventeen-year-old Lady Louise, and thirteen-year-old James, Northern Viscount, i.e. the children of Prince Edward and his wife, Countess Sophie, who will also attend the funeral. British media has long talked about Countess Sophia as one of Queen Elizabeth II’s close friends.

The prince’s other grandchildren will be at the party. Daughters of Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice, husband Eduardo Mapelli Mozy, her sister Princess Eugenie, her husband, Jack Brooksbank, daughter of Princess Anna and Zara Tindall, and her husband Mike Tindall Less than a month ago, Zara Tindall gave birth to her third child.

One of Prince Philip’s wishes was for relatives to attend the funeral. For example, in his marriage to Queen Elizabeth II, even though her father was still ruling at the time, Prince Philip did not attend his closest relatives. His older sisters married a German nobleman, a man who was clearly associated with the Nazis during the war.

Relatives of Philip

And in 1947, when the wedding took place, similar guests were not socially appropriate. Prince Bernard, the grandson of one of Prince Philip’s older sisters, who lives in Germany, will now come to the funeral. He will represent the families of Prince Philip’s other two sisters, Prince Donatus, Count of Hesse. “Prince Philip’s two younger sisters, Sophie and Cecilia, have joined the Hessian branch. Prince Donatus was a frequent guest of the Queen and Prince Philip,” the BBC explained, and the funeral will also include a representative of the family of the Prince’s fourth sister, Philip, Prince of Hohenloh- Langenberg.

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Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, or the Queen’s cousin, Princess Alexander, was also honored by the funeral of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. “She was one of the bridesmaids at the wedding of the Queen and Prince Philip. She is a working member of the royal family, patron of over a hundred organizations,” the BBC wrote. Penelope Knachpool, a longtime close friend of the royal couple, will also be at St George’s Chapel. Close friend of the British Queen.

The prince’s body will be taken from a private church in the castle, where the deceased king is now located, a specially adapted Land Rover Rover. Queen Elizabeth II, with whom Prince Philip was married for seventy-three years, will be transported from a private venue to St George’s Chapel for a car party.

Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury will celebrate Prince Philip’s funeral. Members of the British Army will line the lane on the wagon with the Prince’s coffin. The afternoon will also include a honorary launch. Before the party begins, at three in the afternoon, the British will be silent for a minute. Representatives of the British royal family said on the official website that “the ceremony will last about fifty minutes.”

The funeral will be ceremonial. “There is a slight difference between ceremonial funerals and state funerals. Formal funerals are usually reserved for ruling kings, although British Prime Minister Winston Churchill held a state funeral, for example. The BBC said that ceremonial funerals, for example, were held by the Queen.” Mother in 2002 and Princess Diana in 1997. “The men who attend the funeral will wear mourning clothes, and so will the women, despite their original plans.

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For precautionary reasons, all party participants will keep Queen Elizabeth II out of fear of contracting the Coronavirus. Specified distance.

Path of Prince Philip’s funeral
– 14.40 – The Prince’s coffin will be transferred from a private location to a specially adapted car
The motorcade will pass through the outer Windsor district, and the road will be surrounded by military personnel
A heavy barrage was released during the march
– 3:00 pm, when the coffin is in front of St. George’s Church, there will be a minute of silence across the country
A fifty-minute party will start
– During the ceremony, the songs chosen by Prince Philip himself will be heard