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الأميرة يوجينى قد تكون الأمل فى لم شمل الأمير هارى وميجان ماركل والعائلة المالكة

Princess Eugenie may be the hope for a reunion of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and the royal family

A report by the newspaper “The Sun” revealed that Princess Eugenie, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Britain, may be the key and the way to reunite Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex. In the British royal family.

Princess Eugenie sent a message to Megan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, on her birthday, and began her wish with the word “dear” this week, and the message was clear that the bond between Prince Harry and his wife with his cousin, is closer than ever, according to the Emirati Al Ain website.

Meghan, Harry and Eugenie

The British newspaper described the Eugenie As a “peacekeeper” between the Sussex family and the rest of the royal family, the report said: “It is now believed that she may help the Duke of Sussex reconcile with his loved ones from the British royal family after his move to Los Angeles.“.

Nigel Crowthorne, author of Prince Andrew, said: “From an early age, Eugenie had to deal with embarrassing headlines and headlines for her father and mother, and Harry had to deal with his share of headlines as well, and it was this bond between them that created a relationship between the two of them. The Duke of Sussex and his cousin, very powerful and special.”

eugenie and harry
eugenie and harry

Eugenie and her husband Jack, Harry and Megan
Eugenie and her husband Jack, Harry and Megan

Over the years, Eugenie has been a close friend of Harry’s, and is now seen as one of his closest allies within the royal family, and has remained steadfast in her support for him and his wife after they moved to California, despite the controversial basket of TV interviews.

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A royal insider told The Telegraph: ‘Eugenie knows Harry and Meghan better than any other member of the royal family and has been with them from the start, so the Princess of York could play a pivotal role in helping them mend their relationships with the rest of the court. british royal“.

The report revealed that when Prince Harry was celibate, Eugenie introduced him to her friends, including his ex-fiancée Cressida Bonas, and it is also believed that she may have introduced him to Meghan Markle after they became friends, after getting to know her through their mutual friend Misha Nonoo..

And when news broke that the prince was dating an American TV star in 2016, Eugenie and now her husband Jack were with them on vacation in Toronto, all in addition to Eugenie repeatedly showing her support for Markle in many situations..

On the other hand, Princess Eugenie is also known to be particularly close to her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, raising hopes that she might be the bridge between the senior royals and the Duke of Sussex.