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تنتهك الخصوصية.. كيف تتجنب تقرير تلقيك رسائل واتساب وفيسبوك؟

Privacy Violation.. How to Avoid Reporting You Received WhatsApp and Facebook Messages?

WhatsApp and Facebook platforms use message arrival reports to tell the sender and receiver that the message has arrived. But some people don’t like these reports, because they are an invasion of privacy, and they force you to respond to these messages even if they come at an inopportune time. You may want to ignore someone and not let them know you got the message.

The three platforms rely on different ways of displaying reports, but in the end the report reaches you and tells you that your message has reached the user.

And you can revoke the read alert access to the user through these apps, and that’s because they come from the same developer.

How to turn off WhatsApp access reports:

You can cancel message arrival reports in WhatsApp by following these steps:

After opening the WhatsApp application, go to the settings menu by pressing the three dots at the top of the screen.

When you get to Settings, click on Account and then Privacy, and then you will find an option called Reading Reports.
You can turn this feature off from here, but you need to turn it off manually for individual chats as well as groups.

And when you close the reading reports, you close them completely across the platform, which means when you move to a new phone, these reports remain closed.

But after turning off this feature, you will not get these reports either, which means that they will not receive you from the messages that you will send.
You can also cancel reading reports via iMessages in a similar way.

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How to turn off reading reports on Facebook Messenger:

There is no way to turn off reading reports in Facebook Messenger, but you can hide your online status in the app, which means you don’t appear online and are always turned off.
You can activate this feature by clicking on your profile picture and then turning off the activity selection.
But there is a solution so that you can read messages without the other party knowing, and it takes some extra effort. By activating the flight mode before reading the message, this makes the application not connect to the Internet or send an alert to the servers. But make sure to close the app completely before reopening it again.

It is expected that Facebook will integrate its fast messaging applications, and this means communication via WhatsApp through the Messenger application, and vice versa.
If this happens, the reading reports will work on Facebook as they do on WhatsApp. But until then, the reading reports work in different ways between WhatsApp and Facebook.