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private dialogue | President of the Taekwondo Federation: Our goal is to raise the Egyptian flag in international forums

The Taekwondo Federation is considered the first federation in individual games in Egypt, after the achievements made in the last Tokyo Olympics. The question comes to where the game is heading. And what is its future? And do the elements of the game, the coach, the player, the organizing laws, and finally the financial capabilities help achieve a future that raises the name of Egypt in international forums.

We carried all these questions to the President of the Taekwondo Federation, Counselor / Mohamed Mustafa, as he is the son of the game and a member of the Taekwondo Federation since 2012, and finally he won the highest votes in the last elections

And because he is a man of law, his answers were specific, confident and documented, and the following is the dialogue of the “week” with Counselor / Mohamed Mustafa, head of the Taekwondo Federation.

How is the Taekwondo Federation preparing for the World Championships?

In this regard, we are working on two levels, the first is the first team and the second is the youth and junior team.

As for the first team, there is a camp in Germany to prepare for the World Championship in Spain, and it was the first time to go to the German school.

The condition of friction with the first team was set, and there is another group, according to the technical vision of the technical staff, whose fitness is raised to qualify them for competition, so they are present in Egypt for training, and after the mission returns from abroad, qualifiers and selection of the best elements take place.

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What about the youth sector and young people?

Indeed, the Republic Championship under 14 years for boys and girls was held, in which 600 male and female players from all clubs participated.

In the U-17 Youth Championship, 650 male and female players participated, and the first was chosen from each balance and the other player had a technical vision for the technical staff of the team.

If there is a choice according to the technical vision, then why the qualifiers, especially since there is a fear of courtesies?

Let us agree that the coach or the technical director is the one who will be held accountable for the results in the end. It is natural for him to choose the competent, and our question is why the technical vision is chosen other than the second rank because there can be a player who lost from the first place in advanced roles by a small difference and the winner In second place, he lost an inequality here, forbidding the coach to give a chance to the qualified.

How are the qualifiers?

It is carried out according to physical measurements, speeds and commitment of the player in the exercise and a free clash daily, after which players are selected from each scale.

All this ambition requires legal procedures, and as a man of law, how do you see the regulations governing the work of the Federation?

Unfortunately, the regulations governing the work of the federation are its old regulations, according to the indicative regulations since 2017, which have many loopholes and flaws, including, for example, the regulation of the transfer of players between clubs and the conditions for candidacy.

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Is there an intention to amend the regulation?

Indeed, we will work on inviting an extraordinary general assembly and amending the regulations so that they are in line with the spirit of taekwondo.

The most important element is also the coaches and their situation with the clubs. Does the federation have a role in organizing this relationship?

Unfortunately, in the current situation, there is no role for the union, and with any problem, the coach becomes outside the club.

Therefore, we seek to make a contract between the coach and the federation that will serve as a guiding contract to make his contract with the club, and we also seek to create a health insurance system and curative care through specialized companies.

And the financial conditions of the coaches, what about it?

The original is that the union is a support for the coach, so we seek to find ideas outside the box, including that the coach will be allowed to conduct belt tests in the club for certain degrees in return for a financial percentage, and that is every three months.

Choosing national team coaches Was there a fear of compliments or paying election bills in the national team coaches selection?

This talk is counter to him because the choices were made according to the rules and conditions that were published on the official page of the federation, 56 coaches were examined and personal interviews were conducted, including those that lasted more than 20 minutes, and a combination of experiences and enthusiasm of young people was taken into account.

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There were, for example, young coaches who achieved results with their clubs in international tournaments, who were given the opportunity to become an assistant coach or coach for the technical staff of the national team.

Where do these ambitious plans come from?

We are in the process of launching a public tender for sports marketing companies and it will be announced in newspapers to achieve the principle of parity and transparency.