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Problems continue after Covid, in Brno relieves pain from rehabilitation Health News Brněnská Drbna

Problems continue after Covid, in Brno relieves pain from rehabilitation Health News Brněnská Drbna

The Department of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University Hospital of Saint Anne (FNUSA) and the Masaryk University School of Medicine (LF MU) have prepared a special rehabilitation program for post-cancer patients with chronic health problems. The goal is to improve their health and bear the pregnancy.

Problems associated with coronavirus infection often do not go away and some difficulties may persist. Healing suffers from breathing difficulties, fatigue, or muscle and joint pain. FNUSA helps improve the health of post-blepharoptosis patients with special rehabilitation.

“The program begins with a comprehensive examination by a rehabilitation physician in our outpatient clinic and then continues with directed outpatient training twice a week for sixty minutes – under the supervision of an educated physiotherapist, of course.” Described by the Head of the Department of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation FNUSA and LF MU Michaela Socikova.

During the exercise, experts focus on increasing muscle strength, the use of various rehabilitation methods, exercises on balls or with elastic strokes. It also focuses on the dynamics of the chest and thoracic spine, training in proper posture and improving movement habits. “The whole course takes a total of one month, that is, eight exercises. This is followed by a final follow-up examination by a physician and an evaluation of the effect of the treatment.” Sosikova added.

Paramedics also rehabilitate

The first course of the program was tested by the hospital staff themselves, who are still experiencing problems after the coronavirus. She also worked in rehabilitation Marketa Jierova. “I was hospitalized with COVID-19, had shortness of breath on the slightest exertion after being discharged from the hospital, did not go up the stairs, I was very tired.” She described the woman, which prevented the consequences of infection from daily chores. “Now I can handle all activities without restrictions, I try to exercise at home and walk with sticks every day,” She added.

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The second course of rehabilitation is open to the general public. Those interested in exercise can order it directly at the outpatient clinic of the Department of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation.