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Production of the MBZ-SAT flight model begins

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The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center announced the completion of the critical review phase for the design of the MBZ-SAT satellite, which is the most advanced model in the region in the field of high-resolution satellite imagery, marking the start of preparations for the development and manufacture of its flight model.

The critical review phase of the design includes conducting a final, multi-pronged technical review, to ensure that work continues on the project, including areas related to fabrication, demonstration and testing, so that it can meet the stated performance requirements, according to cost, schedule and risks.. The final approved design weight of the satellite is more From 800 kilograms, it will be one of the largest and most advanced satellites in the United Arab Emirates.

The MBZ-SAT satellite has played a pivotal role in supporting the UAE space sector, as 90% of the mechanical structure components and 50% of the electronic models have been manufactured in the UAE.. In this regard, the “Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center” “In actively cooperating with regional and international companies in an effort to build a local center for industries related to the space sector, the center has also entered into a partnership with local companies to manufacture and supply components for the MBZ-SAT satellite.

His Excellency Salem Al Marri, Director General of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre, said: “The successful completion of the critical review of the MBZ-SAT satellite design represents an important stage in our journey towards launching the most advanced version of the satellite in the region in 2023.”

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He added: “We are proud of the outstanding work done by the team and all of its achievements, and this project is a new proof of the expertise, skills and high capabilities of Emirati scientists and engineers. We also affirm our pride in the participation of the Emirati private sector in the development of this project, and its important role in its advancement. …and we will now focus on the next stages of this mission, to serve as another leap in support of the UAE’s ambitions in the field of space.”

For his part, Amer Al Sayegh Al Ghafri, Director of the Space Systems Development Department and Director of the MBZ-SAT Satellite Project at MBRSC, said: “The critical review of the satellite design was conducted in accordance with internationally established standards, with the participation of more than 100 engineers at MBRSC. Bin Rashid Space Agency, in addition to international experts.. This review confirmed the readiness of the satellite for the next stage, specifically the development and manufacture of the flight model, which will be launched in the year 2023.

It is noteworthy that MBZ-SAT is the second Emirati satellite to be built by a team of Emirati engineers after the satellite “KhalifaSat”, and it will be equipped with an automated system to provide images around the clock, ensuring its ability to provide images for commercial use with the highest quality standards in the world ..

The new satellite will improve the accuracy of image capture by more than twice the level provided by previous systems, and will increase the speed of downlink data transmission by three times the current capacity.. The fully automated system for the purposes of scheduling and image processing in MBZ-SAT will be able to send more than 10 Multiply the images currently produced by the center.

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