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Professor of Sociology on Population Density: The problem is the quality of the population.. Video

Professor of Sociology on Population Density: The problem is the quality of the population.. Video

She said Dr. Hala MansourProfessor of Sociology at Benha University, the population issue includes three dimensions, the first dimension is density or increase in number, the second is the distribution of population over the area, and the third is the quality of the population.

Dr. Hala Mansour explained during her meeting with Media Dina RamezOn the “Sit al-Satat” program on Sada al-Balad channel, the most important axis in the population issue for Egypt is quality, explaining that the population can be wealth if its quality is good, and it can also represent a burden on the state if its quality is poor.

The professor of sociology added that Egyptians live on 8% of the area of ​​Egypt, noting that the density does not represent a burden because if the quality of the population is good, the country will need more numbers to rebuild the country.

Dr. Hala Mansour added that the problem also lies in the distribution of the population, explaining that there are areas with dense population and others in which a small number of residents live, so the state began to pay attention to the distribution process.

She went on to say that addressing the population issue is through working to improve the quality of the population, by moving them from slums to civilized places, and then rehabilitating them psychologically and socially, noting that the state is making a great effort to elevate the human being.

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