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أستاذ علم اجتماع: ظاهرة المستريح ممنهجة ويغلب عليها طابع الاحتراف

Professor of Sociology: The phenomenon of relaxation is systematic and has a professional character

Dr. Walid Rashad Zaki, Professor of Sociology, said that the phenomenon of comfort is old and modern, and it is a systematic process targeting those who aspire to quick profit without making any effort or entering into a big risk. specific, but it is spread throughout the republic and takes more than one face according to the nature of the region.”

During an interview with him via the “Zoom” application, on the “Khabar Al-Youm” program, presented by the media, Amira Osama and Ahmed Kiwan, via the “ON” channel, that collecting money from citizens on the pretext of investing it is a flagrant violation of the law, and there are penalties in Egyptian law that apply to Whoever accepts this act, which aims behind it to seize the citizens’ money, not trade.

Zaki stressed that the quorum in this phenomenon attracts its victims by giving part of the money to those who signed them into buying it so that they would support him and repeat what he sincerely wants in his trade, in order to convince the largest number of people to come to him, and when he collects large sums he stops, and speeds up In escaping, he continued, “This swindler is professional because he attracts his victims from all groups and strata, even the educated and educated among them.”

The only way to avoid these problems is awareness and consideration of the efforts made by the state and the security services to apprehend the perpetrators, in addition to the implementation of the financial inclusion process by the economic ministries that guarantees the preservation of citizens’ money and the development of services provided to them, and the citizen should consider these efforts into consideration And he continued, “The ball is now in the citizen’s court. Start as a citizen and preserve your assets and savings and know how to use your money.”

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