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Projects that bring us closer to the dream of pure nuclear fusion energy |  United Kingdom

Projects that bring us closer to the dream of pure nuclear fusion energy | United Kingdom

Ensuring quality funding for projects that carry out fusion research is critical to global efforts to address the climate crisis.

Scientific advances have brought the world closer to nuclear power without the need for radioactive waste. For decades, scientists have sought to produce clean energy through the process of nuclear fusion, which provides energy to the sun. If they are used commercially in nuclear reactors, they can provide almost unlimited energy.

According to the Times,TimesBritish) said the goal was impressive, but the prospects for the development of working nuclear fusion reactors were remote, or at least until now it seemed so.

Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory demonstrate fusion for the first time (Jason Luria-Times)

Lawrence Livermore and nuclear fusion

Last week, researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California demonstrated the first fusion ignition. Scientists have hailed this discovery as the most important discovery in nuclear fusion in the last 50 years.

Nuclear fusion is the process of powering stars, where atoms combine into large clusters, releasing large amounts of energy, and differ from nuclear fission used in nuclear power plants, which involves the fission of atoms.

Also, it is very difficult to achieve nuclear fusion on Earth because it has to maintain temperatures above 100 million degrees. The process was of interest because of its ability to produce clean energy with minimal environmental impact and the absence of radioactive waste.

The latest experiment focused on factory-operated laser beams at the National Ignition Factory the size of 3 ball football fields. The laser beam combines the two atoms to form helium, creating a hot spot about the diameter of a human hair, with a fusion power of 10 quadrillion watts per 100 trillion milliseconds.

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According to the newspaper – the $ 10 billion test – only released enough energy to boil a jug, and a completely different furnace was needed to produce usable energy; The significance of the invention may be enormous.

Last May, the Atomic Energy Commission announced that it had succeeded in resolving one of the integration challenges (UK Atomic Energy Commission).

Dream of clean energy

During the experiment, about two-thirds of the energy supplied by the lasers was released at the nuclear fusion, but achieving the equation would make the clean, almost unlimited, energy dream come true; This will help countries around the world reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and achieve net zero emissions. This research relies on other scientific advances in the field of nuclear fusion, which has increased the likelihood of achieving this promising form of clean energy.

Last May, the UK Atomic Energy Commission announced that it had succeeded in tackling the biggest integration challenges; This is waste plasma heat dissipation, which in theory allows for smaller and more efficient nuclear devices, and more scientific discoveries are expected on the horizon.

Last August, Deep Mind, which designed an artificial intelligence system capable of creating a database of proteins, announced its focus on solving problems related to nuclear fusion. At the Gulham Center, British scientists working on a mast upgrade project are trying to make nuclear reactors commercially viable so that clean energy is accessible to all.

The article noted the need to ensure quality funding for projects that carry out integration research into global efforts to address the climate crisis; Efforts are needed to reduce the carbon footprint created by homes and transportation.

More science

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