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Prokop's role in Berdych's gang activities will be re-investigated in court

Prokop’s role in Berdych’s gang activities will be re-investigated in court

Updates: 08.06.2021 11:50

The case of Jarromar Prokop, who was sentenced to 13.5 years in prison along with a so-called Prague-Berdych gang, will be discussed at the new main hearing. Prokop applied to the Central Bohemian Regional Court today. Judge Zig Vasik told reporters. Prokop was released to the Czech Republic last month by the United States where he had been hiding.

At Prokop’s request, the court today quashed the original final judgment. At the same time, he decided that the 56-year-old Prokof would wait for the main trial in custody. There are worries that he will run away again.

So far, the judge has set July 27 as the deadline for the main hearing. He would like to investigate some of the gang members who were convicted at Prokop’s request. All of the other convicted members of the group are now on a larger scale. In the new trial, ProCap could not receive a harsher sentence than it had originally.

The Czech judiciary accused Procop in 1996 of four robberies. He was arrested by police in the Seattle area last April.

The gang, named after David Berdych, was responsible for robbery, kidnapping and threatening traders. This case is often described as the largest case of organized crime in Czech criminal history. The group is said to have won more than 100 million crowns through criminal activity.

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