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"Prompt Enforcement"... Ruling to Deport Migrants from Britain to Rwanda

“Prompt Enforcement”… Ruling to Deport Migrants from Britain to Rwanda

On Monday, the British Department of Justice gave the green light to Rwanda in a highly controversial plan to deport asylum seekers who came to the UK illegally, and the government wants to implement it soon.

The Conservatives have made the fight against illegal immigration a priority and one of the promises made in the Brexit framework.

However, the number of migrants crossing the canal in small boats is reaching unprecedented levels. Since the start of the year, around 45,000 migrants have arrived on English shores, with 28,526 arriving in 2021. Four migrants, including a teenager, died shortly after 27 others died in similar circumstances on December 14.


Last April, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government struck a deal with Kigali to expel asylum seekers, regardless of nationality, after they arrived illegally on British soil. The policy is intended to discourage migrants from crossing the canal in small boats, but has been criticized and has been the subject of judicial litigation.

Reading their application in Rwanda

“The British government has the right to send asylum seekers to Rwanda and have their application considered in Rwanda rather than in the United Kingdom,” said a summary of the London High Court’s ruling. The Court held that the measures adopted by the British Government were not inconsistent with the Geneva Refugee Convention.

First flight cancelled

No evacuation has taken place yet. The first flight scheduled for June was canceled following a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that called for a deeper review of the policy. Current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government wants to speed up the pace after the British court’s ruling on Monday.

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Right-leaning Interior Minister Zoila Braverman stressed his desire to implement the plan “quickly” and expressed his “dream” of seeing the migrants deported to Rwanda.

“We are ready to defend ourselves against any fresh judicial action,” the minister asserted.

A possible appeal

On the other hand, the Department of Justice asked the Ministry of Interior to reconsider its decision regarding the eight migrants who resisted deportation to Rwanda. The Court found that the Ministry of the Interior did not sufficiently examine the individual circumstances of these individuals to see if there were any elements in their particular case that could conflict with their deportation to Rwanda.

Opponents of the project greeted the court’s decision with disappointment and anger. Claire Moseley, founder of Care for Calais, one of the associations behind the complaint before the court, confirmed her determination to prevent “the forced expulsion of any refugee” to Rwanda. As with the injunction, the association intends to appeal the decision.


Staff union PCS (particularly on the lines of the Border Police) considers the government’s plan to be “morally reprehensible and utterly inhumane” and calls for a “vigorous” appeal against the announced decision.

The Revoji Council strongly criticized this “evil” policy, which equates “people seeking protection with commodities”, and considered it harmful to the UK’s reputation as a country that respects human rights.

Amnesty International said last week after the victims, “the government refuses to acknowledge that the brutal, retributive and deterrence is putting desperate people who have no choice but to seek safety in the UK at greater risk”. “

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“It’s too expensive.”

For its part, Labor opposition deemed the plan “immoral” and “too expensive”.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) intervened in the Supreme Court in the wake of the file, asserting that Rwanda lacks the “minimum elements of a credible and fair asylum system” and that such a policy would “lead to dangerous possibilities of abuse”. “United Nations Convention on the Status of Refugees.