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Prostjov hj nanonstics against covidu’s opinion, other experts disagree

Sms SmartCoat should not be evaluated as a carcinogen in this case, which is a statement in the opinion of Vladimir Proczyk, a chemist who specializes in industrial toxicology.

According to the European Parliament of the Council of the European Commission, a mixture is considered carcinogenic if the content of the substance as a Class 2 carcinogen is greater than or equal to 1% of the weight. He explained that since SmartCoat contains only 0.450 percent titanium dioxide, this problem is irrelevant.

Primtor Prostjova Frantiek Jura (ANO) and Vederia Solutions, the behind the nics, immediately accused critics of panic and misinformation.

The city will never allow the application of a substance that will not be repeated. However, the birth of prostagov children simply became misleading information, and it is extremely difficult to fight it, prohlsilprimtor.

Vederia Solutions CEO, Petr Smkal, again accused Jitka Chalnková of ignorance Sentery for Prostjovsko, who pointed out the problem.

Without the slightest knowledge of the product, she did not have the public to unleash the known panic among children and on that day she was unable to present a single document that would clearly prove the ills of the applied product, with difficulty.

Smiled directly at more criticism, Deputy Allie Matic.

He was constantly keeping the audience accountable. The executive said that he spoke in a completely unfounded and indiscriminate manner about the alleged carcinogens in colic and colic, when he did not take a child’s health hostage.

Other experts question nikik and opinion

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Both Challenkov and Matik described this orphanage as completely unacceptable and, on the contrary, published the opinions of experts confirming their concerns about nanoscience.

At the end of this year, the joint expert opinion prepared Rastislav Marr, Dean of the Faculty of Health at the University of Ostrava, Eduard Geo, Director of Health Ostrava, and Jan Kukuchov, Vice President of the University for Science and Research in Nanomaterials. .

Prostjov due to criticism of the antidote nanonsti in kolch

Obviously, we do not recommend the application of titanium dioxide nanoparticles to schools, parent schools, and all other areas where long-term exposure to these more dense populations can be expected, and we recommend that these technologies be regulated indoors only, with the introduction of the three signed experts.

Additionally, the head of the National Reference Center, Kotlk, questioned the report commissioned by Vederia Solutions.

Kotlake pointed out that the distinguished Mr. Prochzka is not an expert in forensic medicine in the field of health impact assessment, but in the field of industrial chemistry and toxicology in the chemical industry, so he cannot comment on these matters.

I had expected his claim to be supported by the literature and professional references, but that did not happen. He said the mixture is being evaluated as a non-carcinogenic regulation of the EU Parliament and the European Commission directive is aimed at protecting workers, and it cannot be applied to the societal environment.

He also addressed critics and the city with hygiene experts

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Matic, a Prostovsk representative, turned to her enough to express an opinion on the Regional Health Station in Olomouc, which the city did after them.

I do not answer. For me, the bag is totally unacceptable for the city to take the tests without checking all the certificates. Matic said these were from 2012 and were not used in college.

The city is full of documents that justify his actions. He added that I do not fully agree with the fact that the network will be renewed and that the city will turn into a specialist work that analyzes what was already in the schools.

Likewise, some people are deceived. Ur, for example, report, which now bends City Hall.

It seems to me that the professional assembly displayed on materials provided by the nanotechnology provider is a very rewarding gesture on the verge of disrespecting parents, workers as well as the professional public. How do you think it affects parents and bike employees, one of the parents, Jan Mochik, wrote to Mayor Gore.

The advisor requires a quick and clear answer about the ways in which the chemical has been applied, how it will be removed and when, where and how the information will be generated.