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Protecting state property, endowments and space lands.. Objectives of the recent real estate registration law amendments

Protecting state property, endowments and space lands.. Objectives of the recent real estate registration law amendments

The recent amendments to the Real Estate Registration Law, which were implemented on May 7 to facilitate real estate registration procedures, specify the steps that citizens must follow to register their real estate, either manually by submitting a registration request to the real estate registry within which the real estate is located, or electronically.

The Ministry of Justice confirmed that, after decades of implementing the real estate registration law and the difficulties and obstacles that resulted in practical reality, which led to the reluctance of citizens to register their real estate properties, a matter that led to many judicial disputes over private property, the Ministry of Justice was able to prepare a new law that facilitates and facilitates Citizens have to register their real estate in the real estate registry without complication.

The new amendments targeted 5 main objectives as follows:

First: Providing protection and reassurance in real estate transactions and ease of identifying the legal status of each property.

Second: Protecting state property, endowment property, foreign property, vacant land, and individual property.

Third: Reducing judicial disputes over private real estate ownership.

Fourth: inventory and preservation of real estate wealth in Egypt.

Fifth: Maximizing the benefit of investing in property.

The recent amendments defined the stages of registering the apartment or real estate according to each of the cases of ownership, whether it is ownership by a final contract, ownership by customary contract, or ownership by hand, through:

– Go to the real estate registry within which the property subject of registration is held.

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Submit the application on the form prepared for this, attach the required documents, pay the administrative fees and expenses, and receive a receipt with an incoming number.

Within 24 hours, you will receive a message on the phone registered with the office stating the following::

1- Enrolling the application in the priority book, in case the application satisfies the required documents.

2- Failure to register the application in case the required documents are not completed.

3- Postponing the examination of the application if it appears that there is a previous application for it until the final decision in the application that precedes it..

In cases, the Tax Office publishes within 5 days from the date of submitting the application, at the expense of the student, in one of the daily newspapers, an advertisement for the registration of the property and its data..

– The right to object before the tax office within 10 days from the date of publication.

The Tax Office inspects to verify possession or to investigate the property-acquiring incident, as the case may be.

The Tax Office expresses its opinion on the request and then submits it to the office within a period not exceeding 23 days from the date of its submission.

Presenting the application, its attachments, and objections to it to a specialized committee that issues a decision with reasons for acceptance or rejection.

Refund of administrative fees and expenses if the application is rejected