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Providing more cargo space, DACHSER is converting into mega trailers

Providing more cargo space, DACHSER is converting into mega trailers

May 28, 2021, Lan

28.5. – Since April 2021, the international logistics service provider DACHSER has switched exclusively to the so-called gigantic trailers when purchasing new semi-trailers. Thanks to their larger cargo area – the same length and width at the same time – these gigantic trailers are more economical and have lower fuel consumption than conventional semi-trailers. The entire fleet transfer, which represents the acquisition of a total of 680 new gigantic trailers, must be completed in Germany in 2027. In the coming years, this fleet change will begin in the 24 other European countries where the European Logistics Business District is represented.

The so-called gantry trailers are just as long and wide as standard trailers and have an overall height of less than 4 meters, which is the maximum vehicle height permitted in Germany. However, the mega trailers have an interior height of 20 cm greater, since the cargo space is only 100 cm above the road surface. This represents a total of 8 cubic meters of additional load space. When loaded on two floors, the gigantic trailer saves space for 67 € pallets. This is roughly close to the capacity of a single swap body kit, which, however, provides five more pallets than a large trailer, and so DACHSER will continue to preferentially use them.

“As a general rule, the limiting factor in the assembly service is not the maximum allowable gross weight of 40 tons, but the available load volume,” explains Christian Schutz, Head of Technology / Procurement at DACHSER. This is efficient, and also good for climate protection, because we can save the number of trips made. “

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“Fifty years ago, DACHSER was a pioneer in the field when it introduced the use of barter structures, which still set the standard in terms of cargo space efficiency. In addition, we now want to be the first assembly service provider in Europe to replace large trailers with semi-standard trailers, As Alexander Toon, CAC Road Logistics of the DACHSER Group, explains, “While gigantic trailers have higher purchase costs, they are offset by higher economic costs through efficiency. In addition, this progress in process efficiency contributes to our long-term climate protection strategy. “

DACHSER pursues its long-term strategy for climate protection, which mainly focuses on efficient logistics and technical innovation. The company is convinced that this is the best way to achieve the medium and long-term goal of the two phases of the Paris Agreement, as well as the climate protection goals of the European Union and many other countries. At the same time, DACHSER works with customers and partners who also want to actively move logistics towards low- or zero-emission technologies. At the same time, DACHSER focuses its climate protection activities on four core areas of activity: process efficiency, energy efficiency, research and development, and corporate citizenship, i.e. social and societal commitment that transcends the company’s business interests.