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Prvn setkn Biden, Johnson: File to Festival lsky, vmaj si mdia

However, according to comments, the positive afternoon took place against the backdrop of concerns over the situation in Northern Ireland after Britain’s complete withdrawal from the EU.

On Thursday, Johnson and Biden praised each other, describing the Blue House as one of the most productive, while British Prime Minister Biden called the administration a call for fresh air.

In a brief interview with the BBC, Johnson said he was satisfied the afternoon with Biden’s family was over. According to him, Britain’s relationship with the United States can be described as indestructible.

Biden said in his Twitter post that the partnership between the two countries has never been stronger and thanked Johnson for introducing himself.

At Johnson’s address, the situation surrounding the fourth meeting was still being monitored because of the old U.S. president’s old years and his policies. British Prime Minister Brexit’s main television program, which is Biden’s refuge. The former Vice President of the United States once called Johnson a physical and emotional clone of former US President Donald Trump.

First relationship test

When he met in Cornwall, England, this side of the relationship between the two did not come to the surface, and Biden and Johnson stressed their commitment to strengthening relations between their countries, the AP decided.

According to the source of the Politico website, even though the copper could not be reached, the two seemed to understand each other for a long time, Mon Elbe, something some on the British side could not have imagined. According to asopisu visitor Unlike some EU leaders, Johnson approaches Pita on the basis of his approach to Russia, which is a dark priority for the US president.

Governments in Washington and London share views on the debate in the lower Ireland after Brexit, according to the analysis TV Sky News Back to the first test of the relationship between Johnson and Biden.

The US president is proud of his Irish roots and warns that disputes over trade terms between Northern Ireland and the rest of Britain will not affect the 1998 agreement, which ended a decade of sectarian forces on the island of Ireland. She made a fuss before the first difficult encounter List TimesThe highest-ranking US diplomat in London, the British government, criticized the area around Northern Ireland.

Johnson lost his allies. Biden believes Britain’s exit from the EU is wrong

It was the subject of a confrontation between London and the European Union a year and a half after Britain formally withdrew from the alliance. Both parties agreed that some restrictions were needed on trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom in order to maintain an independent regime on the border between the British Territory and the Republic of Ireland, which is now outside the borders of the Union.

So far, London has not implemented all the rules known as the Irish Protocol, and it is clear that the exemption will continue in the second half of this year.

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Sky News reports that Biden is concerned that a dispute between London and Brussels over border controls agreed between the United Kingdom and the European Union during Brexit could jeopardize the peace process (in Northern Ireland).

Politics In a meeting with Johnson on Thursday, Biden said he wanted a friendly atmosphere, but that EU people were unlikely to forgive another word during weekend talks with the British prime minister.

Summit ldr skupiny G7

  • In the UK, the G7 Group held weekly summits of leaders of developed countries, with Australia, Gin Korea and India in the lead.
  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is now running for president of the prestigious club, will represent France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada in Cornwall, southwest England.
  • The main topics of the meeting were the epidemic of the population, the distribution of vaccines to poor countries, economic recovery, the fight against climate change or the reform of the world tax system.
  • In addition to US President Joe Biden and President Boris Johnson, British leaders, European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen and French President Emmanuel Macron will also be in attendance.