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PS2 Portable looks great, plays Grand Theft Auto 3

PS2 Portable looks great, plays Grand Theft Auto 3

The PlayStation 2 is a great console, but it has an annoying flaw: it’s not portable. So a YouTuber, GingerOfOzHe decided to correct this glaring design flaw and in the process created a nice looking portable console he called the PS2 Eclipse.

Yesterday, Ginger uploaded a video of him appearing All the work involved in creating a portable PS2. As he’s emphasized time and time again, he’s far from being the first to “move” the PS2. In fact, some of the ideas used to make the eclipse come directly from people like joman mods.

For example, to build the smallest possible laptop, Ginger had to cut the PS2 motherboard so that it could fit into a smaller 3D-printed case. And in 2017, GmanModz found the best way to destroy a PS2 motherboard without breaking it.

With that smaller motherboard and a few other dedicated parts attached to it, Ginger was able to deliver everything in a surprisingly clean portable case. The PS2 Eclipse almost looks like a beautiful replica of an official product that I would buy from Sony. (Also Sony: Make a portable PS2, please.)

Because it contains real PS2 material, Eclipse does not emulate games. As a result, the games run at full speed as if they were in real ps2 controller. (However, some games do not work with this specific setting due to an issue with the console parts inside the unit.)

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The only major downside to the homebrew console is the use of USB to load games. To keep the console small, Ginger, like most other console mods, decided to use a USB solid-state storage instead of keeping the typical PS2 DVD drive. The optical drive would have taken up a lot of space and battery power, resulting in a huge battery-hungry monster. But reliance on USB is also a problem, as the PS2 only supports the slow and old USB 1.1. standard. Some games, such as Grand Theft Auto IIIIt takes about a minute to load, and scenes can get choppy.

For those wondering, eclipse can workR about two and a half hours on one charge. Not great, but not bad for something someone put in the house using old hacked parts and beer technology.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy this thing because Ginger decided to stop taking the carry-on commissions after the process started leaving him tired and exhausted. It’s no surprise to hear that he wants to take a break, because he’s created exactly 50 different handheld console mods over the past two years. But if you want to try making one yourself, Ginger provides various links to the information you need. good luck.

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