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PS5: Sony is working on a function that will pause the game when you let go of the DualSense from your hands

According to a recently published Sony patent, the manufacturer is currently working on a new feature to integrate into DualSense, the PS5 controller. With this unique technology, the console will be able to detect when the controller is no longer in the player’s hand in order to automatically pause the game.

In recent years, there have been countless patent applications filed by Sony. Among them, in January 2022, the Japanese company filed a patent application related to With a training system capable of explaining mistakes to players during the match. Now, TechRadar has just discovered another patent application from the manufacturer.

This patent, filed in 2021 and published on November 3, 2022, details a “new method for detecting an inactive control unit.” The docs mention a combination of the motion sensors in the DualSense With other technologies such as microphone or camera images to allow for PS5 Detects when a player has put their DualSense on.

DualSense will know when you leave gaming

If console inactivity is detected, the console can automatically pause the game. Suitable, for example, if you have to leave the sofa in a hurry, or if you have the urge to go to the bathroom, for example. As mentioned above, this patent indicates that the console will be able to detect whether you are still playing or not, based on the information provided by the microphone or camera.

While this collection of data would certainly allow the observer to determine the approximate location of the player, this practice raises some concerns, particularly with regard to data security and confidentiality. Another point, the idea presented in this patent does not seem unanimous among players, far from it.

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In fact, many players reacted to the news on the ResetEra forum. For some, Sony has to focus on other priorities, including increasing the DualSense’s battery life. However, like every patent, nothing says Sony will decide to roll this feature out to DualSense at some point.