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Psychology confirms: Laughter replaces a visit to the doctor

Psychologists confirmed in an article published on the “Medical Press” website that laughter makes us feel good, brings people closer to each other, and relieves work pressure, in addition to its importance in helping people with depression manage their condition.

From a psychological point of view, laughter is considered the first mood enhancer and contributes to reducing stress and anxiety, as it lowers cortisol or stress hormone levels, and raises the neurotransmitters “dopamine and serotonin” responsible for feeling comfortable, as laughter is considered one of the kindest and most intense expressions that positively affect a person’s physical and psychological health. .

Psychologists added that good laughter gives wonderful short-term effects. When we start laughing, its role is not only limited to relieving the burdens that fall on the mind, but also leads to many physical changes necessary for your organic well-being, including breathing oxygen-rich air, stimulating the heart and lungs. And muscles to work better, and increase the endorphins (natural painkillers) that the brain releases, and activate and reduce your response to psychological stress, and it reduces exposure to depression, and helps reduce the chances of feeling anxious, as well as the publication of the Center for Medicine for the Elderly and Geriatrics International that laughter reduces the rate of depression They have, and creates a positive mental state, reduces the incidence of depression.

As for the long-term benefits of laughter, it contributes to relieving physical tension and stress, and leaves the body’s muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes. It also strengthens the immune system, as it reduces stress hormones and increases immune cells and antibodies to fight infection, thus improving the body’s resistance to disease. Sharing laughter with others strengthens relationships with them, facilitates their attraction, establishes social relationships, and promotes teamwork, as it creates spaces of intimacy and increases energy, which reflects positively on work and family life.

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