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"Psychology Expert"..Details of Tara Emad's role in the series "Inquiry"

“Psychology Expert”..Details of Tara Emad’s role in the series “Inquiry”

Among the wide variety of shows on her schedule this year, star Tara Emad is starring in the latest WATCH IT original series. The series revolves in a framework of mystery and excitement around a book that includes a group of real characters whose lives are turned upside down upon the book’s release. Five of the book’s readers, who are the heroes of the series, gather to try to reveal the truth behind the author of this book, according to an official statement.

Tara Emad plays a beautiful character who studies psychology and works on scientific research on the nature of people’s reactions when they are under severe pressure, and from here comes her main motive to share the five heroes’ search for the writer. Himself represents an important addition to the team of heroes through her experience in psychology and her analysis of the behavior of the characters and trying to anticipate their reactions.

Tara Emad is co-starring in the Tahaqq series, among a group of young stars, including Ahmed Malik, Hoda Al-Mufti, Khaled Anwar, Ali Qassem and Tariq Abdel Aziz, written by Mohamed Al-Dabbah, and directed by Shank. The series witnessed a great turnout from the audience immediately after the presentation of the first season on the WATCH IT platform, topping the list of the most popular works on the platform, and also entered the list of the most searched topics on Google Trends in the days following its launch.

In addition to the investigation series, Tara Emad’s agenda for this year includes a variety of artistic works between cinema and television, the most important of which is the Suits series, scheduled to be shown during Ramadan 2022, and co-starring Aser Yassin, Saba Mubarak and Ahmed Daoud. And the movie Al-Jawaherji, starring the great star Mohamed Henedy and the star Mona Zaki, and the atheist movie starring Ahmed Hatem and the big stars Mahmoud Hamida, Hussein Fahmy and Sherine Reda.

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