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Psychology of «streets» | The Middle East

Tuesday – 6th of Ramadan 1444 A.H. – March 28th, 2023 A.D. Issue Number [16191]

Why is there a criminal, genetic, mathematical, family, and social psychology, but we do not find a “traffic psychology” science? Whoever watches our behavior in the street can hardly believe that this man or woman is the same as the meek manager, the discreet official, or the beautiful saleswoman who convinces you with her sweet words. What happens in the street needs sciences that explain our behavior as human beings. We seem to get tougher behind car windows, and with a flick of the “gas pedal” we escape from the trouble of abuse. The irony is that the killings that occur in the streets are more than planes and wars, as more than 37 thousand people die in our Arab streets annually, which requires activating all kinds of human and industrial intelligence to understand what is going on in the minds of road users.
A person behaves on the street differently from his work and social encounters. This prompted countries to plant millions of cameras to track our behavior in alleys and roads. We also need a periodic review of the health and mental state of road users of all ages. It is not enough to check the eyesight, as there are many sighted people who lack insight and manners on the road. In the street, you notice all the diseases of the human psyche, you see narcissism, selfishness, and a sense of inferiority, and whoever is carried away by pride in sin does not accept resentment at all, even if his foolish behavior almost kills the life of an entire family. We saw in the West that if someone makes a mistake, they extend their hand to apologize. It is a behavioral dilemma that reveals the gap between cultures.
We also need to predict what is happening in cars. This is what Singapore did, as it was able to predict road accidents before they occurred, as it developed a system that works with artificial intelligence to predict the possibility of traffic accidents by bus drivers «crash predictor». Drivers, who transport large numbers of buses annually. They were able to reduce the frequency of bus drivers’ accidents to 1.41 with their proactive local solutions, much more than the prevailing average of 2.8.
In sum, what is happening in the streets is pure behavior, and more studies need to be carried out to understand our behavior as human beings, and how to deal with the traffic congestion that peaks in Ramadan.

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