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Putin announces "immediate" recognition of the independence of Luhansk and Donetsk

Putin announces “immediate” recognition of the independence of Luhansk and Donetsk

In a speech to the Russian people, Putin stressed that Ukraine “An inseparable part of the history of Russia,” declared Resolution recognizing the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk as independent republics of Ukraine.

“I think it is necessary to take a long-delayed decision to immediately recognize the independence and sovereignty of both the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic,” Putin said, before state television broadcast footage of his signing in the Kremlin with the leaders of the two breakaway regions on mutual cooperation agreements.

In the speech, Putin said that the former communist leader, Joseph Stalin, liberated Ukraine and gave it some land to form its state.. It is an integral part of our history.

As for the disputed region of Donbass, he said Putin It was “withdrawn from Russia’s sovereignty to Ukrainian sovereignty.” He asserted that eastern Ukraine was “an ancient Russian land.”

Putin stressed that Russia has always provided aid to its partners in the Commonwealth of Independent States from the Soviet Union, including Ukraine.

He pointed out that Russia bore responsibility for all the debts of the Soviet Union countries, noting that the aid provided by Russia to Ukraine since 1991 amounted to more than 150 billion dollars.

And Putin continued attacking the “neighbor”: “Ukraine has benefited from dealing with Russia and has not given it anything.”

“Ukraine has not fulfilled any obligations towards Russia, and it is enough to remember that it stole gas, and blackmailed Russia because of the passage of gas from their lands, and they used this card to threaten Russia and dialogue with the West.”

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Putin said that “Ukraine began to copy the Western system, and the government did not care about the prosperity of the people, but rather worked to achieve profits to conclude deals with Western countries.”

Putin added, “Ukraine has never had the traditions of a ‘real state’… and now it is experiencing an economic, social and humanitarian crisis… Ukraine has become a poor country with a collapsing economy.”

Putin asked: “Does what Ukraine is experiencing represent Western civilization?”

Putin addressed the Ukrainian people: “Ukrainians should understand that their country is under colonialism.”

Putin attacked the Ukrainian government for its fight against the Russian language: “The Ukrainian authorities have marginalized the Russian language… Today, the Russian-speaking in Ukraine is seen as a ‘foreign’.”

Putin accused Ukraine of intending to manufacture its own nuclear weapons, and that the West might help it, and warned that “if Ukraine obtains weapons of mass destruction, the global situation will change radically, and we cannot ignore that.”

And Putin expected that the Western powers impose sanctions on Russia “in any case”, and that it will find pretexts for it.