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Putin threatens to retaliate against NATO expansion in Finland and Sweden .. London and Paris warns

Putin threatens to retaliate against NATO expansion in Finland and Sweden .. London and Paris warns

The meeting of the Joint Security Agreement began today, Monday, in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed confidence that the CSTO will play a key role in achieving stability in post-Soviet space, increasing its capabilities and influence.

The Russian president has threatened to respond to the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Finland and Sweden, noting that activities at the organization will be discussed at a closed meeting in Ukraine.

London calls on Sweden and Finland to join NATO “as soon as possible”

And British Foreign Secretary Liz Trace said in a statement on Monday that Sweden and Finland should join NATO “as soon as possible” because “their accession will enhance Europe’s general security.”

“The United Kingdom strongly supports Finland and Sweden’s efforts to join NATO. They should join the alliance soon.

“The government looks forward to working with them as new members of NATO and is ready to extend full assistance to them during the accession process,” he added, quoting AFP.

Last week, the United Kingdom signed agreements with Sweden and Finland on mutual defense and defense in the event of an occupation, amid their decision to join NATO.

These agreements “demonstrate our firm and resolute commitment to both countries in this process and beyond,” Terrace said.

Elysee: France will “side with Finland and Sweden” if they are attacked

On Monday evening Elysee announced that France would “stand by Finland and Sweden if they were invaded.”

In a statement, the French president said, “Any country seeking to test European unity must be determined that France stands by Finland and Sweden in any way that threatens or aggresses their sovereignty.”

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“France reaffirms its commitment to the provisions of Article 42.7 of the EU Agreement and expresses its desire to strengthen defense and defense cooperation with these two partners through high-level strategic consultations and enhanced military exchanges.”

The section referred to in the Lisbon Treaty deals with mutual protection between EU member states.

Elysee added that President Emmanuel Macron “congratulates and supports the decisions of two close European partners.”

American Biological Laboratories

In his statement, Putin stressed that US biological laboratories “primarily develop biological weapons” on Ukrainian soil.

When Putin attended the summit of the Joint Security Agreement in the Russian capital, Moscow, the Russian president explained that the main task of these laboratories was to “collect biological material and study the uniqueness of viruses and dangerous spreads.” Diseases for their own purposes. “

The President continued, “We have long been alerted to the biological activities of the United States in post-Soviet space. We know that the (Pentagon) has established dozens of laboratories and specialized biological centers in our common area and is in no way involved in improving the provision of practical medical care to the inhabitants of these areas where they began their operations.” .

Putin said that during the Ukrainian military operation, Russia had documented evidence that biological weapons were being developed “mainly in areas close to our borders.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Exceptional circumstances

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko stressed that today’s meeting of the Joint Security Council is taking place under exceptional circumstances.

The Belarussian president has blamed Ukraine for the political tensions and military build-up, accusing Kiev of diverting weapons into its airspace and spreading protests, and of launching large-scale hybrid wars between Moscow and Minsk.

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We will run away

He said: “We have to face the expansion of NATO. We have to be united. If we split, we will be defeated.”

The Russian president is holding bilateral meetings with the leaders of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, Kazakhstan, Gassem Jomart and Kyrgyzstan Sadar Khabarov within the framework of the Joint Security Agreement.

On Monday, Moscow hosted a summit of the leaders of the Joint Security Agreement (CSTO) to discuss strengthening the organization’s capabilities in maintaining the organization’s peace and strengthening military cooperation among its members.