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Putin to soldiers' mothers: I share your pain

Putin to soldiers’ mothers: I share your pain

And he said Putin To Soldiers’ Mothers “I want you to know that I personally and all the country’s leaders share this pain. We know that nothing can make up for the loss of a son.”

He added that Mothers’ Day, which falls on Sunday in Russia, comes this year in light of a “feeling of fear and anxiety” among these mothers, whose “thoughts will be with their children.”

Putin made his remarks in front of women he introduced The Kremlin They were the mothers of soldiers fighting in Ukraine. They met them at his headquarters in Novo-Ogarevo near Moscow, and most of them looked grim.

Putin and the Russian authorities rarely mention the losses incurred by Moscow Ukraine.

This unprecedented meeting took place since the start of the attack on Ukraine, after weeks of criticism from relatives of conscripts who were mobilized in early fall to fight in Ukraine.

Many wives and mothers of conscripts accused the authorities of not providing adequate training and proper equipment to conscripts before they were sent to the front.

“Life is much more complicated than what we see on TV or on the internet,” Putin told the soldiers’ mothers Internet (…) There is a lot of misinformation, servants and lies.”

“This has always been the case, but with modern technologies, it has become more clear and effective,” he said, denouncing “news attacks.”

These statements come against the backdrop of laws passed after the start of the attack on Ukraine, imposing severe prison sentences on anyone accused of spreading “false information” about the army or “undermining the dignity” of the army.

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