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Putin: What is happening in Ukraine is a "tragedy" and we had no other choice

Putin: What is happening in Ukraine is a “tragedy” and we had no other choice

And he said Putin At a press conference with the president Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, after talks between them in the Russian Far East: “Russia will counter attempts to isolate Moscow and Minsk”.

He added, “We will work to remove all barriers in the field of Trading With Belarus,” he called for deepening relations between the two countries in light of the sanctions imposed by the West.

Putin has played down the usefulness of the strange sanctions and their impact on Moscow, saying that they failed to harm his country.

On the other hand, he considered Belarusian President Lukashenko said that the military operations in Ukraine were a “necessary preemptive action”.

Lukashenko explained that “the delay Russian military operations in Ukraine It would have led to much worse results.”

Russia cannot be isolated

Earlier Tuesday, he said Russian PresidentThe Russian military operation in Ukraine has undoubtedly “noble” goals, and stressed that the Russian forces carrying out the operation act “courageously and efficiently.”

Putin made the remarks during a visit to the “Vostochny” cosmodrome in the eastern Russian province of Amur, on the occasion of the Day The spacethat the Russian forces carrying out the military operation in Ukraine used latest weaponsaccording to the Russian Tass news agency.

Interfax news agency quoted the Russian president as saying that by launching the military operation in Ukraine, “we were protecting Russia and we had no other choice but to launch a military operation,” noting that confrontations with anti-Russian forces in Ukraine were inevitable and only a matter of time.

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And he indicated that “the genocide in Donbass in eastern Ukraine can no longer be condoned,” noting that the Ukrainian authorities refused to comply with the Minsk agreements, which aimed at a peaceful solution to the issue. Donbass.

On the boycott imposed by Western countries on Russia, Putin said that “we cannot be isolated,” according to Reuters.