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Putin's adventures must fail, and we will work to restore Ukraine's sovereignty

Putin’s adventures must fail, and we will work to restore Ukraine’s sovereignty

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson described Thursday, attack on ukraine It is an attack on democracy in Europe and the world.

This came during a speech by the British Prime Minister on the military operation in Ukraine.

“I assured the President of Ukraine of Britain’s unlimited support for his country,” Johnson said, noting that Russia launched a land, sea and air offensive Coordinator of Ukraine.

“We agreed on a big package of sanctions to cripple the Russian economy,” he added, adding that Putin’s adventures should end in failure.

The British prime minister said: “We expect the coming months in Ukraine to be dark, and we will work with allies to restore Ukraine’s sovereignty.”

Earlier today, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss summoned the Russian ambassador to Britain, Andrei Kelin, over the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“I summoned the Russian ambassador to explain to me the illegal and unjustified Russian invasion of Ukraine,” the Terrace wrote on Twitter.

British Foreign Secretary summons the Russian ambassador

“We will impose severe sanctions and mobilize countries to support Ukraine,” she added.

Ukrainian President

Ukrainian President

On Thursday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Russia, hours after the Russian military operation in Ukraine. He stressed that his country has all the necessary resources, and the banks are operating as usual, calling for unity to defend the country and the freedom of the Ukrainian people.

This came during a speech by President Zelensky hours after the start of Russian military operations.

The Ukrainian president also called on citizens who are able to bear arms to go to training centers, stressing that the Russian forces suffered heavy losses.

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