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Qais Sheikh Najib reveals the details of his personality in “Stiletto”

02:00 am

Monday, January 30, 2023

I wrote – Mona Al-Muji:

Syrian artist Qais Sheikh Najeeb said that the main value of the “Stiletto” series is women, and men are the main drivers of events.

And he continued, in a statement issued by the MBC group, speaking about his character: “Karim is the driver of events related to the four female characters who were students at the school. and decided to return to Lebanon.

And he adds, “Karim has special characteristics, he is cold in his feelings and rational, so that the way he married Falak was within certain calculations and was not the result of a love story, especially since he satisfies his wife’s ego, Falak.”

He notes that “the entry of a second woman into the center of events changes everything, as Karim experiences feelings he had not known before.” Qais explains, “Falak was suitable for Karim, as she is the ideal wife who gives him the required social image, and he is the only one who fears his reaction, and is afraid of losing him and considers him the winning horse.” He adds, “It is the first time that I have met Karis and Dima in a long experience of up to 90 episodes.

The series revolves around a huge party that takes place in one of the luxurious homes located in an upscale residential complex, where a crime takes place, after which questions arise about the identity of the owner of the unknown corpse, and the search for the killer begins. From here, the story that moves between the past and the present begins in the social series “Stiletto”, which continues to be shown daily on a screen on “MBC Egypt 2”.

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The viewer gets acquainted with the heroines of the story, Karis Bashar, Dima Kandalaft, Nada Abu Farhat and Rita Harb, along with her heroes Qais Sheikh Najeeb, Samer Al-Masry, Carlos Azar, Badi Abu Shakra, and with the participation of Nour Ali, Michel Hourani, Nawal Kamel, Amal Talib and others.

The series “Stiletto” will be shown from Sunday to Thursday on “MBC Egypt 2” at 9:00 pm.