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Qardahi to France 24: I despise those who accuse me of working for Hezbollah

Reuters Mohamed Azaker

Lebanese Minister of Information George Kordahi

Lebanese Minister of Information George Kordahi expressed his “contempt” for those who accused him of working for “Hezbollah”, reiterating his readiness to resign from his position if this leads to an end to the crisis with the Gulf states.

In a statement to “France 24” channel, Qardahi said that he had informed Prime Minister Najib Mikati and the Maronite Patriarch, Bechara Al-Rai, that he would not stick to his position.

He added, “A solution must be found, either by staying or resigning, and this issue is decided by the Council of Ministers together.”

He indicated that he is subjected to “two pressures from the Lebanese street, pressure from the majority demanding him not to resign, and pressure from the other side to resign to preserve Lebanon’s interests.”

He continued, “If there are indications that my resignation will lead to the immediate restoration of relations with the Gulf states, and the cessation of the frenzied and focused campaign against the Mikati government, I will immediately place my resignation on the cabinet table until this resignation is decided.”

Qardahi said that he was sad and bitter because “some ministers are asking me to resign, even though they know that I am not guilty and have not made a mistake in my words.”

He added: “We came to this government as a government of solidarity among each other, and I asked them all: Am I wrong? They said: No. So I asked them: Why didn’t you defend me? Everyone has his accounts.”

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Qardahi stressed that he is not “a minister or an agent of Hezbollah, as some politicians in Lebanon have said,” expressing his “contempt” for them for making these accusations against him.

Source: “news”