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قاسم ملحو وأيمن رضا

Qassem Malhou responds to Ayman Reda: “Do not try to bury the acting institute alive.” – Mada Post

Qassem Malhou responds to Ayman Reda: “Do not try to bury the acting institute alive.”

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The Syrian artist, Qassem Malho, responded to Criticisms of fellow artist Ayman Reda For the sake of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus, that the institute is still an important educational radiation despite all the circumstances.

Reda had stated in an interview with the Syrian newspaper Al-Watan that the institute lacks creativity and good teaching staff and does not take good care of its students, in conjunction with the activities of the Creativity Forum, which hosted the artists: Mona Wassef, Ghassan Massoud and Tim Hassan.

It is worth noting that Qassem and Malho are both graduates of the Institute of Acting in Damascus, where Rida graduated in 1984 and Malho graduated in 1993.

Qassem Melhou defends the acting institute

The artist, Qassem Melhou, wrote a post on his official account on Facebook, responding to the criticisms of the artist Ayman Reda, which spread in the past few days, and some considered it an insult to the institute.

And a salty publication stated: “The Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts has a debt to all of us, graduates, and the Institute’s performance, despite all circumstances, is an important educational radiation.”

He added: “Compared to the state of education in our country, the institute is less harmful, and if the institute falls ill, we stand by him and do not try to bury him alive, and with thanksgiving, the blessings will last.”

A large number of followers interacted with a salty post, and among their comments: “In response to Ayman Reda’s statement, I mean,” “Waiting for honoring like Tim Hassan,” “Authentic, your uncle’s eye.”

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Ayman Reda’s criticism

The artist, Ayman Reda, was asked about his reaction if he was invited to meet the students of the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts at the Creativity Forum, and he said: “What does creativity at the Higher Institute first thing?”

Reda’s shocking answer was an entry; To criticize the conditions at the institute, he stated that it lacks a good teaching staff that takes care of students; Because all his teachers are busy with their artwork all year round, leaving the students without attention or training.

Reda stressed that he did not mean a specific professor and justified the preoccupation of the professors’ artists at the institute with their artwork, by the low wages they receive in exchange for teaching, and he said: “It is forbidden for what is happening, our institute was one of the most important institutes in the Arab world, I don’t know what is happening?” .