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Qatar National Library launches a series of lectures on manuscript science

Qatar National Library launches a series of lectures on manuscript science

Qatar National Library announced today the launch of a series of virtual monthly lectures on manuscript studies and science in cooperation with the Manuscript Study Center at Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh Endowment University in Istanbul, Turkey.

The first lecture in this series was given by Dr. Edham Muhammad Hanash, Professor of Manuscripts and Islamic Arts, and Director of the Encyclopedia of the Arabic Manuscripts at the Manuscripts House in Istanbul.

In his opening speech to the lecture, His Excellency Dr. Hamad bin Abdulaziz al-Kuwari, Minister of State and President of Qatar National Library, said: “The world still looks today with great reverence at the Arab and Islamic heritage from manuscripts of scientific and cognitive works, which are undisputedly the most important intellectual achievement of Arab and Islamic civilization, stressing the Protecting Arabic and Islamic manuscripts in particular, and documentary heritage in general, and preserving them from contemporary dangers, embodies a major aspect of the Qatar National Library’s mission and vision as a national library that has taken upon itself the responsibility to contribute to preserving and safeguarding heritage.”

He expressed his thanks to the Center for the Study of Manuscripts at Sultan Mehmed Al-Fateh Endowment University in Istanbul for its rich participation in this series of lectures, which builds a bridge between the study of Islamic manuscripts and contemporary cultural awareness, and places this science in the interest of the library audience, noting that these lectures will contribute to An increase in the demand for the study of manuscripts and an increase in researchers and those interested in this honorable science, which has long been an elite science limited to a few academics.

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Mr. Muhammad Fatih Qaya, a lecturer at the Manuscript Center at Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh Endowment University, gave a speech on the importance of the center’s cooperation with the Qatar Library in the field of introducing manuscript science.
The lecture series, which lasts for a year, hosts experts specialized in manuscript science to discuss various issues and methods of studying Arabic and Islamic manuscripts and manuscript culture.

The next lecture will be held on March 13th on “Types of Authorship in the Arab Heritage and Its Relationships” and will be delivered by Prof. Dr. Kamal Arafat Nabhan, Professor of Information Science and author of the book “The Genius of Arab Authorship: The Relationship of Texts and Scientific Communication”, a pioneering book that has won many international awards. It is taught as part of academic courses in a number of Arab universities with postgraduate studies.
It is worth noting that Qatar Library’s cooperation with the Manuscript Center at Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh University Endowment in organizing these lectures is an extension of the fruitful cooperation with Turkish cultural institutions. Common interest, such as cooperation in the scientific, technical and cultural fields, and cooperation in the field of information and library activities.
The National Library organizes dozens of educational and awareness-raising events and informative lectures to bridge the gap between the study of Islamic manuscripts and contemporary cultural awareness.