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Qatar taught us how to dream, and our strength lies in our unity

A great lesson we learned from the Qatar World Cup, which is “the dream.” Life without dreams becomes a great nightmare, and that lesson we learned from the messages it sent to the world. The sons of Qatar and the support of the Arabs. We have not seen this cohesion and unity since the early beginnings of the idea of ​​Arabism, and we stand today with tears in our eyes many times during the course of the events of the championship that has surpassed itself and crossed the limits of being a sports championship.
Today, Qatar writes a new historical lesson that Arabs do not live on the margins of life, but are an effective and essential element in steering the course of history.
The whole world has opened its heart to the Arabs and to our region, which for years has been complaining of suspicion, intimidation and demonization. They have represented us as the greatest Satan and the greatest evil, but Qatar has broken that barrier and penetrated the barriers of human harmony to extend its hand to the world and say here we are the advocates of peace, love and progress.
The World Cup did not only carry football supremacy, but it carried something deeper and farther than that. It carried a humanitarian message announcing the beginning of a new era in which the northern ice melts to mix with the southern desert.
Human beings are like birds, we cannot stand in one place without migrating with our feelings towards the other, and we found that dream come true in Qatar through the interpenetration of cultures and their embrace in Souq Waqif, Musheireb, Lusail, Al Wakra, The Pearl, Katara and other areas that have emerged during the past days to be a symbol of human goodness and civilization.
Dream and love are the most prominent things that I saw during the World Cup in Qatar. We dreamed of being advocates of progress and peace, and advancing the boat of humanity in the sea of ​​life.
Today is the beginning of a new era that will not stop at the limits of the achievement of the World Cup, but we have learned and we have drawn great lessons during the tournament, the most important of which is that the Arab peoples are still alive and support just human causes, and the flags of Palestine that decorated our streets testify to the vitality of the Arab citizen and his sympathy towards humanitarian issues, as well as Citizens who hosted and honored foreign visitors to Qatar, they hosted them in their homes and councils, and they celebrated their arrival with great celebration.
These manifestations have drawn the attention of Western culture to the essence and hiddenness of what Arabs hold of a civilized value that respects the human being before anything and accepts the other without exaggerating its identity.
We in the Arab world have been searching for an answer to a great question.. Who are we? And what do we want?
In the Qatar World Cup, we found the answer: We are dreamers and we want love and peace, as this is our identity and the essence of our civilization.
The beautiful scene produced by Qatar is complemented by the slogan of the National Day, “Our unity is the source of our strength.” Yes, this is the slogan that we must carry in our entire Arab region, and this is the belief that Qatar is following in its successful path. .

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