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Qatar World Cup... Fans are close to record spending, despite the ban on alcohol in stadiums

Qatar World Cup… Fans are close to record spending, despite the ban on alcohol in stadiums

FIFA World Cup fans in Qatar are close to spending record sums on tournament venues.bloombergThis information is provided by Visa, the official payment partner of the World Cup.

Although the Qatar World Cup did not end with 10 days remaining until the final match, the fans who flocked to Doha spent more money than they did in Brazil, which hosted the 2014 edition.

According to data from the company “Visa”, the volume of spending in Qatar currently represents 89 percent of the value they spent in the World Cup in Russia in 2018.

Visa’s data includes spending through its cards only at stadiums and other official World Cup venues from the start of the tournament on November 20 to December 2.

According to “Bloomberg”, these numbers are considered high despite the “last-minute” decision to ban the serving of alcoholic beverages in the World Cup stadiums.

Nearly half of the spending came on merchandise, while food and beverage payments made up 36 percent of the total amount used.

The match between Saudi Arabia and Mexico is the most spent by the fans who came to watch the meeting on November 30.

The International Federation of Football Associations “FIFA” and the Qatari organizers of the World Cup were optimistic about their potential profits from this tournament.

Fifa expects revenue from the four-year cycle that concludes with each World Cup to exceed the $5.4 billion it generated in Russia in 2018.

Qatari organizers said they hoped the World Cup would inject up to $17 billion into the local economy.

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