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Qatari Day Celebrations: Unconventional Insects This Year

Qatari Day Celebrations: Insects and Unconventional This Year

How dangerous is the disappearance of insects from nature, and why should we care? Despite the unfavorable epidemiological situation, you can look forward to celebrating Earth Day, although it is a little different from what you are used to – Lipka and other organizations are currently preparing a game full of knowledge on the Internet in nature and fun entomological activities for parents of children!

The vast majority of agricultural plants cannot do without insects, and birds need them for their young, yet this important group of animals is gradually disappearing from the landscape. And it is more dangerous than we think. “In some places, there are 75% fewer insects today than there were 30 years ago,” says entomologist Martin Zaruba of Lipka.

“If you don’t trust the scientists, try to remember the last time you cleaned the forehead glass Insect cars. It’s not like the first Skoda, is it? This rate of insect loss is a direct alarm and shows us that the way we take care of landscapes is bad, “Zaruba adds.

Lipka – School facility for environmental education, decided to draw attention to this and chose the theme of Disappeared Insects to celebrate Earth Day this year. Veronica Nikakova of the Lipka organizing team says, “Although we may not see each other, you have something to look forward to.”

Instead of a traditional celebration, Lipka, in collaboration with Cryptomania, is preparing an online outdoor adventure game on Kraví hora, for which a smartphone and data connection will be sufficient. The gameplay will take you through two difficulties for young children and experienced detectives through a diverse insect world, which often remains hidden under the feathers of grass. And that’s not all!

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Walk the tracks and enter a video contest

In addition to the online game, which starts April 22, Lipka’s workplace has also prepared accompanying tracks. In them you will learn the commonalities of honey bees, masons, woodpeckers, and upholstery, and how to tell whether lichen larvae live under the bark or what types of butterflies you will encounter in the orchard. Details of the tracks can be found at

The video contest also started on Maundy Thursday Mysterious worlds. “Imagine getting smaller! Not just a little bit, but the size of my hand. Even the size of an insect! The world will look completely different. A chrysanthemum will be a tree, and a stone is a rock, and a stump stick across the road,” describes Zdenek Jysinska from Lipka, preparing for the event, a mission Competition. Children have to discover the wonderful world around them through themselves.

Earth day It is celebrated all over the world on April 22nd every year. The aim of the celebration is to promote and support environmental protection. Earth Day was celebrated for the first time in 1970 in the United States. Today, it is celebrated every year by over a billion people in nearly 200 countries. And since 1990 we also celebrate it in the Czech Republic.


Event Name: Earth Day – insects

Start: Thursday April 22, 2021 In the park in Cau Mountain

more information:


Be the size of a bug, take a cell phone and shoot a video of an unconventional explored scene or a mysterious corner of nature around you. You can use anything from natural materials to other sets or toys. Make out and shoot a short video using the doll or made doll, which will show us the dark angles and crevices discovered in your area or unconventional views.

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Send the video to [email protected], mention your name and age.

The maximum video length is 30 seconds.

from 1. Do April 30 2021.

Accompanying corridors

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SEV Patrol: Earth Day for Children and Parents at pilberk, April 24, 2021

Partnership Foundation: Bee Trail, 22.4. To 25.4.2021

Details of the tracks can be found at:

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