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Quality training for members of the special space flight

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The four members of the crew of the first fully private flight to the International Space Station are fully prepared, thanks to months of training, to take off on a SpaceX rocket from Cape Canaveral in Florida towards their destination on March 30. The Ax-1 mission is expected to last ten days, eight of which will be at the station.

The trip includes three businessmen, one American, one Canadian and the third an Israeli, who each paid tens of millions of dollars, in addition to Michael Lopez-Alegria, a former NASA astronaut who has previously participated in missions to the International Space Station. Allegria confirmed in a press conference held yesterday that the participants in the mission are not “space tourists,” stressing that the trip “is not a holiday.”

As for the president of the company “Axiom Space”, which organizes the trip, Michael Suffredini, he said that the passengers are not participating in the trip to the station to see the place, “but rather to conduct important research.” The crew, who received training at NASA in Houston and SpaceX in California, will work on the American part of the station.


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