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الملكة إليزابيث- الصورة من حساب The royal Family على إنستغرام

Queen Elizabeth celebrates the anniversary of her first insulin treatment with a special message

Leonard Thompson, a 14-year-old boy with a severe form of type 1 diabetes, became the first person to receive a lethal insulin injection on January 11, 1922.
On the occasion of the centenary of the first successful insulin treatment, Queen Elizabeth celebrates this event with a special message. Diabetes.This event provides an opportunity to celebrate.Achievement that will improve the lives of diabetics around the world. Increase their understanding of the situation thanks to the continued hard work and commitment of the tireless working scientific, medical and research communities. “
He added: “As the host of Diabetes in the UK, I extend my regards to all the staff and volunteers and hope that the forthcoming findings will realize our vision of a world free from the ill effects of diabetes.”

Hosted by Diabetes Queen Elizabeth

The Queen was a host of diabetics in the UK, who took over just a few weeks after joining in 1952. In 2015, the Queen celebrated the 80th anniversary of the charity with a special reception at St James’s Palace.

Diabetes Association

The Diabetes Association was founded in 1934 by novelist H. G. Wells and Dr. R.D. Developed by Lawrence, both had diabetes.
The charity works to ensure that everyone has access to insulin, regardless of their financial status. In 1954, the organization became the British Diabetes Association (BDA) and at the beginning of the Millennium its name was changed to Diabetes UK.
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