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Queen Elizabeth gets to work, say goodbye to Lord Chamberlain

Queen Elizabeth gets to work, say goodbye to Lord Chamberlain

The Queen responded to the tragic event as she was used to – that is, with the help of work and a strong sense of duty. This is how the British newspapers respond to the news that the Queen has not forgotten some of her duties until the time of mourning.

On Tuesday, I welcomed a special audience from Count William Bell to mark his resignation from Lord Chamberlain’s office, the highest office in Buckingham Palace. Count Bell, whose great-grandfather was a co-founder of the modern Conservative Party, has served 14 years and is now retired.

Count William Bell


His last assignment was to prepare for the funeral of the late Prince Philip. He is replaced by Baron Andrew Parker, former head of the MI5 counter-intelligence service, as the royal family’s top adviser and aide. The palace announced the changes in February, in fact Parker took office on April 1.

Funeral preparations: The Queen will not sit down with her family

Preparations for Prince Philip’s funeral on Saturday are still over at the palace. According to Prince Andrew, who abstained from all public speeches until his father’s death due to his involvement in the Epstein case, Elizabeth II. Bravely copes with the death of his wife.

Baron Andrew Parker


This exception is for people who live home alone and will have to bear the weight of the party on their own. However, the Queen technically does not live alone at home, so she is not entitled to a support bubble.

Other members of the royal family live in other homes, and therefore they will have to take into account the specified distance. The palace also confirmed that the ceremony will be held in accordance with all measures in place to combat the Corona virus. More information on the ceremony will be announced on Thursday.

Prince Andrew in uniform and Duchess Kate as a peacemaker

In addition to Prince Andrew, who is said to insist on attending the funeral as an admiral, the tabloids are also watching over Prince Harry, who has traveled to London from the United States and is under quarantine until Saturday’s funeral. It is said that his dispute with Prince William is the oversight of Duchess Kate, who will play the role of mediator.

The media also speculated about the absence of Duchess Megan, who was prevented by a doctor for ten hours due to the progress of her pregnancy. According to some media, Megan refused to attend the funeral because she did not want to be drawn to her attention during this sad event.