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Queen Elizabeth II: A symbolic farewell to Britain's Queen in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth II: A symbolic farewell to Britain’s Queen in Scotland

  • Alan Little
  • BBC News

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Queen’s Memorial Service at St Giles’ Church

King Charles spoke of his mother’s love for Scotland, which “took refuge in its mountains and in the hearts of its people”. The Queen left Scotland for the last time today.

Queen Elizabeth spoke at the Scottish Parliament House in Holyrood (Edinburgh) on Monday about the deep and lasting bond the monarch inspires in life – a bond of shared history and shared identity across England.

Scotland today has arguably been politically separated from the rest of the United Kingdom for nearly 40 years. Support for independence remains below 50 percent – but not by a wide margin – and is much higher among young people.

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, wants Scottish independence – but if it happens – she would keep the monarchy with Charles III and his heirs on the Scottish throne.