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Queen Elizabeth is having a hard time 'moving'

Queen Elizabeth is having a hard time ‘moving’

Feb 16 2022 23:40

Queen Elizabeth II announced Wednesday that she is having difficulty “moving”, during her first personal meeting since she met her son Prince Charles eight days ago, and his announcement shortly afterwards that he had Covid-19.
On Wednesday afternoon, the Queen received at Windsor Palace, her main residence, 40 kilometers from the capital London, Major General Eldon Millar, her liaison officer with the armed forces, and his predecessor, Admiral James McLeod.
A video clip of the meeting showed the queen receiving her guests standing, leaning her hands on a cane, with a smile on her face and wearing a patterned dress.
“You see, I can’t move,” the Queen said, addressing the two officers while pointing to her left foot or leg.
According to the British news agency “PA”, the Queen suffers from a slight sclerosis.
Despite her complaints, the 95-year-old queen’s look sends reassuring indicators about her health.
On Tuesday, the Queen met, via video link, the ambassadors of Estonia and Spain, who presented her with their credentials.
Prince Charles, 73, the British crown prince, announced Thursday that he had contracted Covid-19 for the second time, indicating that he would be subject to isolation. He had met his mother 48 hours before that.
After that, the Queen’s circles confirmed that she did not show any symptoms of illness, without specifying whether she was infected with Covid or not.
Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla, 74, announced on Monday that she had contracted COVID-19.
On February 6, the Queen celebrated the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne. In early June, celebrations will take place over four days to mark its platinum jubilee.
Since she fell ill in October, she has rarely appeared in public.

Source: Reuters

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