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الملكة إليزابيث تلتقى سفيرى بوروندى والتشيك فى بريطانيا عبر خاصية الفيديو

Queen Elizabeth meets ambassadors to Burundi and the Czech Republic in the UK via video feature

He held a video conference with Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom, the Ambassador of Burundi and the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Britain, and conducted two interviews via video link while he was at Windsor Castle.

The official account of the British royal family posted pictures of the meetings via Twitter:Queen Elizabeth was greeted by a video link from Castle Windsor to Buckingham Palace. Ambassador of the Republic of Burundi Mrs. Eliza Enkrabrori, andAmbassador of the Czech Republic Mrs. Mary Sadardova.

On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom “hates to wear a mask” and is eager to return to normal life after the end of the Govt-19 epidemic, according to state expert Bill Tampere.The 95-year-old Queen held her first personal engagement after recovering from the virus when she met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Windsor Castle.The British newspaper The Daily Mail reported that the Queen was photographed in a blue dress and shook hands with the Prime Minister without a mask.

Royal writer Bill Tampere said:FEMAIL: “It’s clear that the Queen has decided not to wear a mask … and it’s wonderful to see Queen Kovit come back and meet people after recovering from her illness.”

In another context, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is eager to see her granddaughter Lilliput in person, a government expert has said.Royal Writer Brian Hoy, who wrote extensively on the royal family The 95-year-old Prince Harry is eager to meet Megan Markle’s nine-month-old daughter, who lives in California.

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So far, the Queen, who is celebrating her platinum anniversary this year, has only met her 11th granddaughter, who has yet to travel to the UK, via video link, the British newspaper The Daily Mail reported.

The comments come as Prince Harry has filed a legal appeal against the Home Office after being told he would not be offered “the same amount” of personal protection even if he offered to pay for it himself when he arrived from Britain..

Prince Harry, who lives in Montecito, California with Megan and their two-year-old son Archie and Lilliput, wants to bring his children to see the royal family across the Atlantic, but does not “feel safe” visiting under the current. Security arrangements.

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Queen Elizabeth

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Queen Elizabeth, Czech Ambassador