The British navy, consisting of an aircraft carrier, two destroyers, two warships, a submarine and two submarines with eight British and ten American fighters, will depart from the English port of Portsmouth. The mission will take 28 weeks and will cover the Navy’s voyage of 26,000 nautical miles (approximately 50,000 kilometers) through the South China Sea to the Philippines.

According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the purpose of the Navy is to show the “soft power” of the United Kingdom and to enhance confidence in democracy and the rule of law. However, despite the objections of other states such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines, the passage of many disputed areas through the South China Sea claimed by China would be at least symbolically significant.

The British Navy will conduct a number of naval exercises in Japan, Australia, Canada, France, Turkey, Oman and South Korea. It will be mobilized in India and Singapore.

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