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Rabeh Saqr on his birthday... the maestro of the Gulf, the revamper of Saudi music

Rabeh Saqr on his birthday… the maestro of the Gulf, the revamper of Saudi music

I am considered one of the most prominent musicians of Arabic music, as well as one of the most famous self-made singers and composers, as he presented more than 350 songs who relied on their unique talent to etch their immortal names in artistic history. He is Rabeh Saqr, whose life includes many secrets, some of which we reveal.

his name is pseudonym

What many may not know is that “Rabeh Saqr” is a pseudonym for the great star, and that his real name, with which he was born on November 5, 1964, is “Issa Saleh Al-Saqer”.

Singer degree student

“Saqr” released his first album while he was a high school student. The album was titled “Ya Naseem al-Layl” in 1983 and included 6 songs in classical Arabic so that with this album he could write his name among the singing giants in the Kingdom and reap the praises of Arab artist Mohammed Abdo, Arab artist and the late Talal Maddah. .

Rabeh Saqr – Photo from his Instagram account

brave singer

He is considered one of the singers with a unique and adventurous voice, as he was the first Gulf artist to sing in the Egyptian dialect, which is a challenge to many Gulf artists and a strong test of their abilities.

pioneer video clip

He is the first Arab artist to present a solo song and film it in a video clip on “CD” under the name “Tamattak”.

Returning after retirement

In 1996, “Saqr” presented the album “Rabeh 96.” He continues his singing career with the album “Rabeh 2002”, which contained several distinguished songs.


In 2011, “Saqr” released his solo songs such as “Stay Here”, which is owned by “Warda Al-Awd” the best. SR

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