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فيديو عنصري لنجمي برشلونة يثير الغضب

Racist video of Barcelona stars provokes outrage

Footage from a leaked video of Barcelona and the French national team stars, Antoine Griezmann and Osman Dembele, sparked a lot of criticism for containing racist comments against Asian workers, according to the Sport Babel website.

Although the video was filmed in 2019 and not during the current European Nations Cup, it was leaked recently, and it appears that it was filmed in a hotel in Japan during a tour of FC Barcelona in East Asia.

The people in the video are hotel workers or technicians who were trying to fix the TV in the room where the two French stars were staying.

In that video, Dembele says to his Blaugrana colleague: “All these ugly faces, just so we can play PES (Pro Evolution Soccer), aren’t you ashamed?”

Addressing the non-French worker, he adds later, “What kind of backward language do you speak?” and “Is your country technologically advanced or not?”

While Griezmann was not spotted saying anything in the video, the ex-Atletico Madrid striker was laughing at Dembele’s comments, 24, the entire time.

And this is not the first time that Griezmann has been implicated in a racist case. In 2017, the 30-year-old French national team star shocked many people when he wore a costume that showed mockery of Africans.

The World Cup-winning star had posted a picture of him on social media wearing a basketball jersey with the phrase “NBA All Stars” meaning all stars in the NBA.

Griezmann appeared in that photo, wearing a curly wig, while his face, arms and other parts of his body were painted black.

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Although that picture sparked great anger on social media platforms, Griezmann then asked everyone to “calm down”, refusing to apologize for what he had done.