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Radical measures in Saxony: unvaccinated people will be prohibited from going out at night

Radical measures in Saxony: unvaccinated people will be prohibited from going out at night

Unvaccinated people will not reach shops and restaurants, and sports grounds will also remain closed. Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer confirmed that schools would be open. Restrictions apply until December 12th.

“Freedom without responsibility is called selfishness,” Kretschmer said on Friday. “The restrictions that we are setting are difficult for our country, but they are necessary. Five days ago, the situation in hospitals was under control, and yesterday we had to think about transferring patients.”

The new measures promise to reduce the number of new cases and make it easier for overcrowded hospitals. According to him, the inhabitants of Saxony also needed more incentive to vaccinate.

Kretschmer did not call this measure a shutdown, but a “Covid breaker.”

Night curfew

In counties where the seven-day average of new cases per 100,000 residents exceeds 1,000, the unvaccinated will not be allowed to leave the house from 22:00 to 06:00 the next day without good reason.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Wolfgang Günther, communication restrictions will also apply from Monday, more specifically the number of people allowed to meet in one place. This should be especially true for the unvaccinated.

“From Monday, we need to limit movement and contact with people. But this is not a closure. Vaccinated and those infected with the Covid-19 virus will be exempted from the restrictions,” Gunther said.

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