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Ragbista z ANO o krsn manelce i vzcn kon porue: Vitiligo mi zaalo a ve Snmovn

Ragbista z ANO o krsn manelce i vzcn kon porue: Vitiligo mi zaalo a ve Snmovn

Don’t sit in the MP’s office, mm feels like a long conversation with a sports star. Maybe people are watching when you tell them you’re an MP for YES.

It happens, but because of how the company was created. When you tell someone you’re yes, it’s a conflicting darkness. I don’t even talk about social issues, people there feel that they can write anything to anyone and that words have no effect. However, when I’m on the street in a nice T-shirt, no one knows me anyway.

What about playing rugby? Don’t you get exchanged?

My teammates are turning in with the dark, they are both very happy, but they take it easy and understand that it’s my job. In the dark, the Teplice Mayor’s Bridge plays with me, and that’s just yes, we are at least two of them. (smch) And what you’re vying for, it’s the same there, sometimes someone takes a note, but there’s a friendly atmosphere among rugby players in general. It’s not like I’m getting koue.

Rugby player Jaroslav Bosch. Jet drank his invitation to the national team this year, but he refused.

When we’re in it, you two played rugby to a fairly high standard, right?

Under the game! This year I was nominated even in the national darkness, even though I am an older gamer. But I refused, there are little boys. As for the competition, we’ll see the game we’ve ever won, and we’ll be in the first league finals. In every way, but I read a lot according to the two together per week. It’s not what it used to be, but rugby can be fun and fulfilling. I can’t imagine being in the sunmoven and not playing a sport where he can go.

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Close to me and another sport. I saw you on Instagram a photo of your age from the football tournament in the visegrdsk tyky parliament. What does such a tournament look like and how is the nomination process?

Paradoxically, it is unmistakable among football fans, on the contrary. I don’t like comedy, which sometimes goes on the hit. However, the filtration is done in such a way that everyone who wants to play at least some exercise is done. And though he never wanted her, they always convinced me that I was the only one who could escape. (smch) In the end it was a joke, the tournament has a different dimension, and since it’s V4 parliaments, there’s a friendly atmosphere.