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راغب علامة معلقًا على الانتخابات اللبنانية: الأسامى هى هى

Ragheb Alama commenting on the Lebanese elections: Asami is her

Still the Lebanese star Ragheb Alama He continues his attack on the political situation in Lebanon, as he recently published a post on his official account on Twitter, in which he said: “The arrogant is… the elections are the biggest lie in the history of Lebanon.” “.

He added, “It is impossible for this class that destroyed Lebanon to change through Lebanon’s sectarian laws! They are not satisfied with the destruction, and that is why they themselves will return one by one. They are now spending on the elections from people’s money that they stole from the banks.”

Ragheb Alama’s tweet

was the star Ragheb Alama has revealed Pictures of his last concert in Kuwait on the occasion of the national holidays there, and a completely harmonious sign appeared while presenting his most beautiful songs, and the star commented on the pictures he posted through his Instagram account, saying, “When I see this great joy in people’s eyes….A night of a lifetime was with the beloved audience on the opera stage on the occasion of the national holidays in the beloved State of Kuwait, many thanks to the honorable attendance and the management of the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center and every year, Kuwait, its people and its leaders are good

The Lebanese star, Ragheb Alama, recently released a video clip of his latest song, “May I Azalak”, which is the first song from his new album, which is scheduled to be released soon.