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Ragheb Alama in a new tweet: There is no government in Lebanon before an international settlement

The Lebanese singer and star, Ragheb Alama, continued to comment on the political events in Lebanon, noting that people are distracted daily with regard to the birth of the government, and stressed that a government should not be established in Lebanon except before an international settlement.

Ragheb Alama

Ragheb Alama expressed his opinion through a tweet on Twitter, saying, “People are distracted daily with regard to the birth of the government. There is no government in Lebanon before an international settlement, and everything they say and leak is nothing but throwing ashes in the eyes.

Ragheb Alama had attacked Lebanese politicians, noting that he had information that hundreds of millions of liters of diesel and gasoline were stored in their tanks, saying: “They want to subjugate people now and deprive them of gasoline and diesel, and release them at the time of the elections as an electoral bribery.”

Ragheb Alama said in a tweet via his official Twitter account: “I have confirmed information that in Lebanon now hundreds of millions of liters of mazut and gasoline are stored in private tanks belonging to politicians. Your game is scandalous, and this oppression will backfire on you, God willing.”

Ragheb AlamaPosted by Ragheb Alama

This comes as protests continue in some areas of Lebanon in protest against the fuel crisis, as protesters blocked roads in some areas, including the main road towards Tire at the junction of Abbasiya town, and the army is trying to open it, and Al-Nour Square in Tripoli was completely cut off. According to Lebanon 24.

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The protesters also blocked the road at the project site, al-Qubba, Damour Road, and al-Qubba-Dennieh Road.